Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Untitled, a Work In Progress.

My second novella, for which I don’t really have a title, is coming along nicely. Our pair had a lovely time in the first story, a week off alone together, one where Andre explored his fantasy and Chad enjoyed his dominant role over a hot young bitch…horny, eager to please and better looking than he had expected.
But with some time to think about it, both men are starting to see some challenges, which happens when people look a little further ahead sometimes. Chad, a farm implement salesman, begins to develop some real affection for Andre, who has brought a kind of adventure and friendship into an otherwise unfulfilling existence.
Andre knows his low-wage employment at the lumber store is ending. He knows he’ll be out of work and that he’s a free person. He can do what he wants with his life.
There’s not much keeping him in the lonely one-bedroom upper apartment in a grimy, southern Ontario burg.
They seem to fit well enough together. They like each other just fine.
Andre has a penchant for fantasy and Chad likes that.
The two are having another wonderful time together.
Yet Andre wonders if he has the sheer nerve to move beyond the illusory sweet moments, all too short as they are, and develop the burgeoning relationship with Chad.
The thing is no longer just a fantasy, just some thing he had always wanted to try.
He could scratch that part off of his bucket list…
Things are a little more serious now, and a little more poignant for both top and bottom as Andre imprints his emotionally-needy self on an indulgent, more experienced, and much more self-assured Chad, who has a few needs of his own and has no problem coming up with ways to satisfy them.
Here is the first novella.
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