Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Gay News Roundup.

by Harold C. Jones

The Rose Parade gay marriage faces opposition. This just in.

“Danny Leclair's marriage to his partner of 12 years at the Rose Parade on Thursday will be televised to more than 80 million viewers across the nation. His very public display of same-sex affection and commitment has ruffled some feathers inside the gay community and out.”

“For many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans, 2014 was a year of marriages doubling as political statements — celebrations of the Supreme Court ruling that struck down provisions of the prohibitive Defense of Marriage Act and California's Proposition 8 as well as the states that have legalized same-sex marriages.” > Al Jazeera

I wonder if Al Jazeera broadcasts this sort of thing in other localities.

The event, say conservative activists, ‘denigrate the family.’

““The decision to allow two gay couples to ‘marry’ on a float during the Rose Parade denigrates this once family-friendly event,” said Brian Brown, president of the National Organization of Marriage. “It’s another ‘in your face’ example that should serve as a teachable moment for the American people.” > CNS News.


Bureaucratic harassment ensues when the Driver’s Office won’t change a name after a same-sex marriage.

“Don't count on driver's license officials in Michigan accepting name changes for gay marrieds.

“The federal government and New York state may consider him Jesse Melot, but the Michigan Department of State insists he's still Jesse Sherman.”

“The Michigan Constitution bans same-sex marriages, so he and Derek Melot went to New York to get married in October.”

“Afterward, Jesse Melot says he visited two Michigan Department of State offices with his marriage certificate seeking to have his new name put on his driver's licenses.”

“He tells MLive.com that clerks in both offices declined to do so.” > WILX 10


Polygamy can’t be compared to gay marriage: letter to editor, Salt Lake Tribune.

“For the letter writers who think that gay marriage and polygamy compare:”

“There is a lot of difference between gay marriage and polygamy. Gay marriage affects two people and polygamy affects many people and has been shown to cause many more problems for women, children and some ‘lost boys.’ It often treats women as second-class citizens.”

“It is handled in a different court and has been recently "decriminalized" if those practicing it don’t break other laws, but in some large groups there have been underage and forced marriages and rape of young girls. Boys have been sent off with no home because the older men want to have lots of women and young girls for themselves to marry.”

“For women of legal age who want it and if everyone keeps the law and doesn’t abuse welfare, it might be OK. But those are few, and I don’t believe it will ever become a popular lifestyle.” > Kim Summers

I guess I never really thought of it that way before.

Will same-sex marriage open the door to the legalization or ‘decriminalization’ of polygamy?

Sure, why not?


Police brutality video angers Barcelona. > The Local.


Top Ten Countries that hate gays:

“For a country that bills itself as “the world’s biggest democracy,” India sure has a habit of shutting its minorities out of the democratic system. Case in point: the re-criminalization of homosexuality. In 2009, the High Court in Delhi threw out a 153-year-old law passed by the British colonial administration that made consenting sex between two adults of the same gender a crime. At the time, it was seen as a huge step forward for gay rights in the country, and many assumed it was the start of a new era of tolerance for LGBT people.” > Listverse.


That’s all folks. What an interesting year it has been.


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