Sunday, October 27, 2013

Gay News Roundup.

No one was killed in today's news roundup.

Singer Chris Brown charged with assault, taken into custody.

“…woman approached Chris Brown…and asked to get picture with him…two men rushed over to get in the photo…”

“I’m not into this gay shit, I’m into boxing,” and (Brown) hit the alleged victim in the face.

Reports say the other man never threw a punch.

Mr. Brown seems to punch a lot of people. He really needs to get some professional help with that. > The Hollywood Gossip.


University refuses to lend laptop to student: ‘You look like a girl.’

(Would they have refused to lend a laptop to a girl?)

Though Asquith admits he sometimes wears feminine clothes, on this particular day he was wearing shorts and a hoodie and had his hair pulled back. He identifies as a gay man, but this would constitute discrimination based on his perceived gender identity, demonstrating how comprehensive nondiscrimination protections are important for all communities.” > Think Progress.


French Mayors must perform gay marriages, but it ‘violates freedom of conscience…?’

“In France that means town officials, who can conduct weddings, cannot opt out of performing a ceremony on the grounds that doing so would infringe upon their freedom of conscience. In most cases so far deputies have covered for objecting Mayor’s but the threat of a 5-year prison sentence hangs over those that defy the government of Francois Hollande.”

In public service, your job is to serve the public according to the law of the land. To do otherwise is to discriminate against someone. France had a virulent reaction to proposed gay legislation not that long ago, possibly influenced by conservative Catholic interests, and possibly also by abuses of children by aforesaid church. There is also simple homophobia to take into account. It is a complex issue and human attitudes aren’t always honest or fully disclosed for what they are. > Canada Free Press.


Open Games in Moscow to test anti-gay laws.

“I’m not afraid,” Mr. (Viktor) Romanov said, weathered hands wiping tea from his salt-and-pepper stubble. “I’m apprehensive. We don’t know how the government will take this.” > New York Times > Europe.


Brent Bozell is ‘Laughable’ for proposing debate with ‘gay censors’ on TV. > Newsbusters.

“The so-called ‘Media Research Center’s’ laughable call for more anti-gay views on TV is as ridiculous as it is misleading,” said GLAAD’s Wilson Cruz. “Hollywood’s increase in LGBT characters is an accurate reflection of the American cultural fabric, which no longer accepts this kind of bigotry. Despite this fringe group’s desperate ploy to spread hatred, it’s time they realize they’ve lost touch with a vast majority of Americans, who embrace their lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender neighbors, family and friends.”

Fair Disclosure: Newsbusters claims to ‘expose & combat liberal media bias.’

Fair Comment: (Or Fair Question.) When is it ‘bias’ and when is it the generally-prevailing opinion of the majority? And if you are in the minority, is it not true that democracy can seem like tyranny—ask any gay person who has been alive on this Earth for more than five minutes.