Friday, April 12, 2013

Excerpt: Throwing It Down.

With the trade show a yearly thing, Chad had a hotel room reservation and knew a little bit about the place. He had also promised something in the way of a present. They talked for hours on the phone almost every night for the last week. That kind of intimacy was a revelation to Andre. It was almost unbelievable, to feel safe in confiding his most hidden emotions in someone. It was spiritual liberation, to have a friend of that intimacy. To say he had kind of poured his heart out would be grievous understatement, and he had listened very much to the other man as well.
Chad was sincere, but just how strong those feelings were was one question, and where it might lead was another.
Andre visualized himself in Chad’s room, dressed in a filmy peignoir, white lacy stockings with a garter belt, dangling emerald earrings...his penis was at full attention by this time, and he cast his thoughts to the shoe store he’d looked up online. The right shoes would be something else. The memory of how his feet looked, the graceful curves of his calves, wrapping up and around Chad’s hips, making love beside the campfire, it was unforgettable. Just the way it framed the big shoulders of Chad and the intent look on his face. He could still feel Chad’s bristly chest on his inner thighs, the wet feel of Chad’s mouth on his cock. The things he said, and more than anything the safe and cuddly feeling he got when nestled in Chad’s arms. A lot of the time, kissing and gazing were the only things going on. Chad knew exactly what he needed.
One of the personal revelations was the fact that he needed love, and very, very badly.
Chad had a face full of character, although honestly, after three weeks, it was a bit hazy. Andre had no idea how things would be this time. But when he decided to call Chad, for surely the choice was up to him, his mood lightened and he felt good about taking the plunge. He had no regrets about their time at the lake, only that it had ended and his fantasy was over. But it didn’t have to end. All he had to do was to take that fantasy and turn it into a new reality. Maybe familiarity would breed contempt, but he didn’t think so. Ultimately, he could quit and never do it again. He could go back to the old way. He could go back to being alone all the time. The trouble was, he didn’t want to, and so a weekend in Burlington it was to be.
He had about a three-hour drive ahead of him, but starting at this hour, traffic would be light until he got close to the Big Smoke. The night was dark, the road was clear and he had everything he needed under the slick fiberglass bed cap of the blue Sonoma he drove.
Andre could make the shoe store stop and still get to Burlington by one a.m. or so. He thought he might squeeze into a woman’s size eleven. He would buy something that looked good on sheer impulse, and explain without prompting that his girlfriend would be totally surprised, but it was her birthday and she had been feeling a bit down lately.
You could get away with anything if you were prepared to lie about it. In such a situation, a bit of a blush and a stammer might be just the thing.


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