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Gay News Roundup, March 6, 2015.

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Harold C. Jones

From Selma to Gay Rights in One Fell Swoop.

Washington – Vice President Joe Biden says the same human rights that African Americans fought for in Selma, Alabama, are at stake for gay rights activists today.

His remarks come on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the historic march from Selma to Montgomery. Biden says he never could have anticipated that gays would serve in the military openly and a majority of states would legalize gay marriage, as he never could have imagined serving alongside a black president. (AP.)


Support for Gay Marriage Growing Rapidly.

The rate of growth for supporting same-sex marriage has risen so rapidly even the director of the national biennial General Social Survey is marveling at the speed of change.

“Most things change slowly. This is one of the most impressive changes we’ve measured,” said Tom Smith of the National Opinion Research Center, based at the University of Chicago, which conducts the GSS. The GSS first asked about legalizing same-sex marriage in 1988, and only 11 percent agreed.

Support from Democrats is not news. But this week dozens of prominent conservatives, including former Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman and David Koch, one of the deeply conservative billionaire Koch brothers, signed a brief that says ‘conservative values are consistent with — indeed, are advanced by — affording civil marriage rights to same-sex couples.’ (Religion News.)


Filed Under That Is So Cool: World’s First Three-Way Gay Marriage.

Valentine’s Day 2015 will be infamous for more than the release of the film version of 50 Shades of Grey. It also witnessed the world’s first recorded polygamous gay marriage, as Joke, 29, Bell, 21 and Art, 26 tied the knot. Watchers of The Hangover Part 2 will not be surprised to learn that the marriage took place in Thailand, in the Uthai Thani Province.

The threesome did not undergo a state ceremony, since Thai law does not recognize same-sex marriages or polygamy, but the trio claims that their union is sanctioned by Buddhist law. Buddhism is notoriously short on rules and does not forbid polygamy though Buddhists are counseled to limit themselves to one wife. Buddhism has no official teaching regarding homosexual practice, other than prohibiting it for celibate monks. (Breitbart.)


Major Football Teams Support Gay Marriage.

The reigning football and baseball champions, along with baseball's small-market Tampa Bay Rays, are among the thousands of businesses, religious groups, advocacy organizations and politicians who are filing legal briefs at the U.S. Supreme Court in support of gay marriage.

The cases from Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee will be argued April 28, and a decision is expected by early summer.

Roughly six dozen briefs backing pro-gay rights plaintiffs in the four states are expected by the Friday deadline. Included is a ‘people's brief’ filed by the Human Rights Campaign with the signatures of 207,551 people. (ESPN.)

If you’ve read your John Grisham, you know that higher courts are literally bombarded, snowed under, with briefs on any contentious issue before them.

Theoretically, they’re supposed to read all of it. When you consider how much of it is nonsense, how much of it is bullshit and how much of it is propaganda, you got to wonder how the jurists actually get through it all without becoming slightly warped.


Colorado Moves to Ban Gay Conversion Therapy.

Denver – The Colorado House has given initial approval to barring mental health professionals from practicing gay-conversion therapy with patients under 18.

The House advanced the bill on an unrecorded voice vote Friday. The bill prohibits therapists from trying to change a person's sexual orientation or gender identity. Therapists who disobey would face disciplinary action from their licensing board. (9News.)

If you’re over eighteen and a bit simple-minded, it is however still legal to offer the treatment.

One would think informed consent by the patient is a requirement. For kids under 18, the law is obviously meant to prevent parental abuse, but it doesn’t do much to stop parents from abandoning their children or kicking them out into the streets. This author is not a lawyer. The only legal training I get comes from John Grisham novels.


10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Gay. (Fame10)

I got news for you. I don’t even know these 10 Celebrities.

And that’s it for another gay news roundup.

Hasta la vista.


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