Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gay News Roundup, December 1, 2013.

by Harold C. Jones

British broadcaster reveals her grandmother was disgusted by press revelation of her orientation.

“The broadcaster, who fronted much of the BBC's 2012 Olympic Games coverage, said her parents knew she was a lesbian.”

But when a national newspaper made it public she says she had to tell her grandma.

"I said 'Grandma, I need to talk to you' and she said 'Yes I should think you do'," she told presenter Kirsty Young.

"I said 'Have you seen the paper?' and she said 'Yes and I think it's disgusting.'"

"I said 'What do you mean? The invasion of my privacy or my lifestyle choice' and she said 'Both' and I didn't talk to her for about six months after that which was pretty difficult."

She was asked whether she could work at the 2014 games in Sochi with a "clear conscience."

"Absolutely," Balding replied. "Because I think it's hugely important that I do go."

Vladimir Putin has stated that gays and lesbians attending the games will ‘be made to feel welcome.’

Russia has a law prohibiting ‘gay propaganda’ directed at minors and has recently been the scene of a number of particularly gruesome killings of gays.


New Mexico gay minor and assailant banned from Coronado Mall after assault.

Youngster says he’s ‘used to gay slurs.’

“Why would you want to fight over that?” Cell phone video shows attack. (Huffington Post, Gay Voices.)


Gay grandfather killed in attack outside pub.

“Mr. Hayes lived with his male partner on a smart, modern estate at Widdrington Station, near Morpeth.”

“His partner was too upset to comment but neighbours spoke of a 'pleasant, pleasant character' who tidied their gardens in winter without even being asked.”

“A murder enquiry has been launched and two men, both aged 26 and from nearby Ellesmere Port have been arrested and bailed pending further inquiries.”

Police are discouraging speculation as to the motive of the attack, and both attackers were in the bar prior to Mr. Hayes leaving. (BulgeBull.)


Gay man miraculously survives freak accident. Hopes ‘God sends him a boyfriend.’

“Tom Comstock was driving his Nissan X-Terra home when he was rear-ended by the car behind him, sending a load of lumber through Comstock’s back windshield, through the steering wheel, and almost through the front windshield.” (Informationng.)


Gay rights fight comes to Texas despite ban. Two court challenges under way.

“Conservative activists in Texas are fighting same-sex marriage by declaring it a violation of state's rights and religious freedom. Since Republicans who control the state oppose gay marriage, the law will likely be decided in court.” (KSLA.)

Interesting how religious freedom means the right to deny to others religions freedom.

As the famous historian once said, “If they are not suffered to govern, then they must be being oppressed.”

Truer words were never spoken. The funny thing is, they are governing, but states rights do not contravene individual rights under the Constitution.


In some states, gay couples must now fight for the right to get divorced. If gay marriage is not legally recognized in that state, then there is logically, no divorce, in the sense that you can’t dissolve what never happened, even if the marriage was legal in the state in which it took place.

“Often, such couples in non-recognition states would have to move back to the state where they were married and establish residency in order to get divorced — an option that can be unworkable in many cases.” (Yahoo News.)


Bali Beach Walk honours World Aids Day.

“Join “Bali United Against HIV & AIDS” – Community Beach Walk – and show YOUR support in the fight against this terrible virus. This is an OPEN Invitation to all companies, social clubs, sporting groups, schools and individuals to participate in this important and FREE community event. the FIRST 300 registrations on the day who complete the walk, receive a FREE GIFT BAG OF GOODIES.”


Over the next fifty to one hundred years, let us hope that the world becomes more enlightened, to the extent that this becomes a non-issue in every community.

Progress is slow, but progress is indeed being made. For that, I think we must be grateful.


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