Sunday, July 7, 2013

Gay News Roundup.

‘The future is not set in stone.’ Opposition to gay marriage rights ‘characterized’ as mostly religious. Some denominations welcome Supreme Court decision to strike down protection of marriage act, including Episcopal, Evangelical Lutherans, and both the reformed and conservative branches of Judaism. (U.W.)
An Independent Sydney MP is proposing a private member’s bill to combat discrimination based on sexuality by private schools. New South Wales discrimination act has loopholes. (au.ews.)
Gay pride parade in N. Ireland attracts thousands. (Belfast Telegraph.)
The government of South Africa is ‘saddened’ by murder of lesbian. Brutal murder involved toilet brush inserted in private parts.
"Every South African has a duty to act against perpetrators of violence within the ambit of the law, violent acts such as this reinforces the existing social inequalities, based on gender and sexuality, and cannot go unchallenged." (sabc.)

In other words they raped a woman with a toilet brush.


Street preachers ‘brutally beaten’ by ‘angry queers’ at gay pride event. Vandals targeted churches. (Fox News.)


Transgender ex Navy SEAL shares her story. She defended life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for twenty years and was deployed thirteen times. Now she’s pursuing a little happiness of her own. (Baltimore Gay Life.)


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